Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ROADTRIP ! ! ! !

We were fortunate to be able to stay at a friend of the family's cabin in Timberline Resort in Canaan Valley, West Virginia a few weeks back.  This place has been a favorite summer time destination for several years as it is a major fishing location that gets little to no pressure from other weekend warriors.  What made it an even better trip was the weather.  Three straight days of sunny, 80 degree temps with zero humidity.  I was also fortunate to be able to take my brother and some buddies to enjoy the fishing, local hiking trails and the cabin.

Below are some of the photos from the 2011 Kachung Invitational Fishing Tourney.  It was a close race but I was able to pull out the skills to kick butt... that is until a newbie caught a 10 lb monster bass.  The problem was that he was on the other side of the lake alone with no camera so without tangible proof it doesn't count.  :)  I love making up rules as I go along.

For lures we used Zoom brush hogs and baby brush hogs in watermelon candy and watermelon seed colors using red EWG worms hooks in sizes 2/0 & 3/0.  I like red hooks when using creature baits like the brush hog because I believe it looks like a blood trail.  I tend to get better strikes with them as the fish think the lure is wounded and easy prey.  Rods were all medium spinners with 6lb test monofilament line.  For better presentation we used YUM bait attractant.  This is good when you are using sunscreen as the attractant will help mask any unnatural oils from your fingers that might make its way on the lure when rigging.

Here are the different types of brush hogs we used.  They do not mimic anything specific in nature - they are more of a cross between a lizard, frog and crawfish.  For some reason the fish love them and tore them up so much we almost ran out.
This is the baby brush hog.  Notice the wear and tear - this was my last one out of a pack of 12.
Red EWG worm hooks (size 3/0).  The fish hit so hard and frequently they stripped the red paint off the hooks.
My brother catching the first fish of the trip.
My first catch of the trip.  Notice the jealous look coming from my brother.
Boom!  This guy fought for 8 minutes and even rammed me underwater.  He was not happy!
My brother with a yellow perch.
My school buddy 'The General' showing off one of his many fish.  
The General's brother Zack.  He had a great trip but learned quickly to wear a hat when you spend 8+ hours a day on the water!
Captain Kenny showing off.  He caught the monster 10lb bass and discovered the awesome fishing spot across the lake.
My brother tearing up the yellow perch.  Lots of fish in those grass beds.
Timberline Ski Resort in the background.

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