Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jose Wejebe - 'Spanish Fly' Final Season

Like many outdoorsmen, I have a bucket list of activities I want to participate in before my number is called and I venture forth to the pearly gates.  On the top of that list was fishing with Florida Keys guide and TV fishing icon Jose Wejebe.

I grew up watching Jose on TV as a kid well into my adulthood.  An amazing guide and captain, Jose had a wealth of knowledge on marine ecosystems and their relationship with salt water fishing.  Whether it was chasing behemoth Pelagic species in exotic blue waters or going after Red Fish and Tarpon in local tidal basins, Jose stood out as an authority on fishing always ready to teach or mentor.  He was a colorful man with a cool demeanor and a hearty laugh.

The world lost Jose on April 06, 2012, when a small plan he was piloting crashed shortly after take off from Everglade Airpark in Central Florida.  Starting in January, 2013, The Outdoor Channel will be presenting the last season of Jose's show 'Spanish Fly, A Celebration."  The show will focus on Jose's life as well as his greatest moments on TV... all narrated by close friends and colleagues.  We lost a great person when Jose passed but looking at his life, achievements and friendships he had a life well lived.  As a fan and fellow saltwater fisherman with a passion for the outdoors... I'll be watching!

For more information on Jose or to see some of the best episodes of Spanish Fly check out Jose's channel on You Tube (here).  You can also visit the memorial website for Jose (here).

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